Where great journeys begin

Miss Heather

Miss Heather has been a part of our family from our first day as well, offering her gifts to us in many forms.  She is most often found in the infant room caring for our youngest friends, but often helps out wearing many other "hats".  Heather's formal background is in nursing and as a former nanny, as well as computer technology.  She is married and enjoys spending her free time with her two young men, who love to play basketball!

Miss Jennifer

Jennifer has worked at Bonaventure Academy with the smallest infants from the very first day, when we opened in 2007.  She has been married to her husband Erik since 2003 and welcomed her son Jacob in October 2011.  Jen has over 15 years experience in the early childhood field, after earning her degree in early childhood education.  While she has worked in all age groups, her heart is always looking forward to welcoming the newest little ones with their families into her room.  

Miss Mindy

Mindy has worked in child care for many years; including in the  Northampton Area School District.  She is passionate being a part of  when children thrive and learn.  She resides in Northampton with my husband, Dave, and our daughter Sadie.  Mindy is creative, spontaneous and enjoys a bringing "the party" to the afternoon of the classroom. 

The Freshman
Our “Freshman” program, otherwise known as our infant and early toddler program, cherishes and enjoys each child as an individual.  We look at each infant's specific needs and tailor a day completely around them; we make no attempt to impose a formal center schedule or routine to your infant in our Freshman I room.  Our biggest goal at Bonaventure Academy is to create an environment of security, which allows your child to begin the exploration process with freedom.  We nurture, interact, and play with your infant in developmentally appropriate ways to stimulate cognitive, physical, and psychosocial growth.  We meet regularly with each parent to discuss the needs and concerns of each child, fill out an individual schedule, and update it whenever necessary.  The parent can expect to receive a written "Baby Times" at the end of each day, giving you, the parent, crucial information regarding feeding, diapering, and other relevant information of the day.   Our Freshman II program is designed for those infants who have become mobile and are looking for new rooms to explore.  This is where we begin to “try” to introduce a bit of routine and scheduling so that we can introduce more content.  We sing, we dance, and we play- a busy day for our smallest members.


Miss Lisa

Miss Lisa has  worked in childcare and education for over 10 years.  She presently lives in Phillipsburg, NJ with her wonderful husband, Brian, her gorgeous and happy Abigail and her puppy, Peek-a-Boo. Lisa loves spending time with her extended family, especially when she has the opportunity to plan parties of all kinds. She is always so excited to be part of your child’s life, especially when it's time for snuggles!

Miss Alysha

Alysha joined us in November 2008 when her oldest son Lucas came to join our family.  She has been married to her husband, Marc sicne 2007 and welcomed a second son in September 2013.  Alysha has had many years of experience working in childcare back in her native Long Island, after a brief moment in the medical billing profession.  Alysha loves to play and be part of all the fun in her room!  

Bonaventure Academy

Where great journeys begin!

Miss Holly

Holly has been working with children for over 21 years from age 6 weeks through middle school age.  She has 3  lovely daughters; Ashlyn, Kaitelynn, and Alyssa.  Holly has been at Bonaventure since November of 2007, and has loved giving snuggles in every room throughout the building!  Holly loves to read, go shopping, and cook our delicious homemade meals!

Miss Ashlyn
 Ashlyn has been formally working at Bonaventure since September 2015 but have been coming here since with her mom, Miss Holly, began working here.  She is a math and neuroscience double major at Moravian College.  Ashlyn has worked and helped out in all of the rooms here at Bonaventure and especially enjoy spending time here with all of the kids.