Where great journeys begin

Bonaventure Academy

Where great journeys begin!

Miss Becca

Becca am a college student at Northampton Community College.  She is moments away from completing her degree in the Early Childhood Education program, eventually leading to elementary and special education certification.  Becca loves to babysit, shop, hang out with friends, and study in her free time.

The Seniors
Our Senior program expands all the ideas and concepts of our Junior Room.  Our large group activities continue to motivate children to participate in a large group setting and develop the self assurance necessary to be successful in our classroom and when they are in kindergarten and beyond.  Our teachers nurture each individual child and their specific needs and interests.  We begin to explore "studies" and allow our students to take a lead role in their education by expressing interest in specific themes.  Our classroom is designed with the same learning centers as our three year old room, but they are broadened to challenge our children's curiosity and imagination.  By creating the areas of the classroom to coincide with "real-life" activities, children begin to make a connection that we use the concepts taught in our classroom as they start to experiment with the outside world.  Our functional learning time and directed learning activities increase as well, to prepare our children for their first steps into kindergarten.  We encourage children to experiment with relationships and "real-life" with pretend play.  Socialization is again a major focus, enabling our children to be empathetic and sensitive for one another.

Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly has had over 20 years of experience working with children from ages infancy through school-age. She has a Bachelors degree from the University of Delaware. She is married and has two lively young boys who she adores. Miss Kelly has a passion for art and enjoys spending time with her family.

Miss Liz

Miss Liz has over 35 years of experience in the care and nurturing of young children.  Her most rewarding experience has been working with children with both developmental and physical disabilities, helping them to achieve social and cognitive goals.  She has been married for over 32 years to my husband John and we have raised two lovely daughters, Meagan and Caitlin and a newest granddaughter on the way!  She loves all the new and exciting learning experiences that she and her co-teachers will be providing daily.