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See how amazing the first years can really be!  Bonaventure Academy~ where great journeys begin!


Kimberly Stehlik, Owner/Director

Bonaventure Academy is simply family....   your extended family that is honored to share in the experience of raising a child.  We take pride in our passion, our dedication and our love for our children.

Bonaventure Academy

Looking for a childcare for your newest arrival?


Bonaventure Academy has an established reputation in the Lehigh Valley area of loving and nurturing each child in an individual way.... When you join our childcare/preschool, you become part of the growing family that has chosen to begin the most precious years of early childhood with a team of professionals who take the most pride, love and joy in everyday moments, celebrating every milestone.  Click below to find out how our programs are unique and designed.


Need a current lunch menu?  How about a form for the visit to the doctor?  Want to see what is on the the agenda and theme for the week for your child? Click below for helpful information.

Where great journeys begin!

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